John Winthrop

John Winthrop & Skrillex?  C’mon!

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John Winthrop, a well off puritan lawyer born in the year 1587, a few hundred years before skrillex but comparatively close enough! John had some different ideas when it came to his beliefs, much as did skrillex when he started up his music, he wasnt looking to ” fit in ” with the dubstep crowd, he was bringing something new to the table. He decided to step out and bring in a new audience.

Seems reminiscent to me of when the same old puritan views were being stuffed down John Winthrops throat in England and he decided to bounce, feeling a better vibe from the new world, rich and ready to go he set off for a new life.

Much like skrillex in the music world, winthrop took the new world by storm, rising quickly to positions of political power and prestige that many others could only dream off. Rock…

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